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The Coat by Severine Vidal

Many people choose a one-word theme to guide their daily living in the year ahead. Since it’s currently January, social media feeds are filled with these one-word themes offering new intentions and inspiration for all. 

If you were to choose a one-word theme for your classroom, what would it be? Think about the ways you want your classroom community to feel, the kinds of activities you know matter to your students’ development and the impact you’d like to have on students by the end of the year.

After talking with many teachers, choosing kind is always a relevant theme and a beautiful way to conceptualize our days in the classroom. 

This book embodies that theme and offers launching points for what choosing kind means in your classroom and with your students in the coming year: 

The Coat written by Severine Vidal and illustrated by Louis Thomas

This is a darling book with a big message of what it means to choose kind.

Elise is a young girl who has been impatiently waiting to receive her bigger sister’s beautiful red coat, something she’s admired for quite some time. It was a lovely shade, had pockets big enough to hold her collections and had a wide collar, too. Elise thought it was perfect.

After waiting and waiting, her sister grew out of the coat and it was finally ready for Elise. 

She proudly wore the coat to school on a terribly cold day, but that pride vanished as she saw a homeless mother and daughter snuggled together for warmth outside of the town hall.

She couldn’t forget the scene now etched on her heart, although she tried. Instead, she returns to share a sweet treat and her beloved coat with someone who needs it more. 

The message is clear and full of love and will offer a starting point on what it means to choose kind in your classroom. This discussion guide from Flyaway books will help you do just that and much more.

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