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How We Say I Love You

How We Say I Love You
By Nicole Chen
Illustrated By Lenny Wen

How We Say I Love You, by Nicole Chen and illustrated by Lenny Wen, is a perfect book to read as we head into the Valentine’s Day season. The story celebrates a multicultural family and all of the ways they show that they care for one another day in and day out. This book follows a little girl, Hana, through her day as her mom prepares breakfast, her Ah Gong (grandfather) walks her to school, and as the whole family shares a meal together at the end of the day. “In my family, our love lives in all the things we do for one another. That is how we say “I love you.”

This book begs readers to reflect on their own families and think about how they show love to one another. I could imagine kids of all ages telling and writing their stories. What better gift for Valentine’s Day!

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