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The Ladybug Race

Enjoy a read aloud of, The Ladybug Race, written and illustrated by Amy Nielander and published by Pomegrante Kids, a division of Pomegranate Communications, Inc.  This amazing wordless picture book tells the story of ladybugs racing to cross a finish line first, but wait, there is a bigger lesson here than who is the fastest...what… Continue reading The Ladybug Race

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Spencer’s New Pet, by Jessie Sima

Picture this… 21 students sitting silently “listening” to a story.  Only this story is different. There are no words. There is not a sound- not from the teacher or from the students.  You can hear a pin drop. This wordless picture book is like no other I have read. Illustrated in black and white with… Continue reading Spencer’s New Pet, by Jessie Sima

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The Fisherman & the Whale

In The Fisherman and the Whale, Jessica Lanan portrays the sad, yet inspiring story of an entangled whale and the boy and man who save him. This wordless picture book is filled with action and emotion. It creates endless opportunities for young readers to infer character actions, dialogue and feelings. I shared this book with… Continue reading The Fisherman & the Whale