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61l8JZ2C8sL._SX347_BO1,204,203,200_by Svetlana Chmakova

Teacher Thoughts…

This graphic novel is a perfect way to teach older students about the challenges of middle school. Readers learn how being brave and using their voice can help change a negative school culture.  Your students will love how Svetlana Chmakova compares middle school to a video game, mean kids to game monsters, and the attack of bullies to a zombie apocalypse!

The main character, who struggles with math, bullies and friendship, describes middle school by saying:

I think of it as a video game. I just have to get through each day without getting eaten by the game monsters to win the prize at the end of each level.

Kids who need models for how to tie descriptive language into their writing will be inspired by phrases such as:

It’s like-If there were two venomous snakes after you, you need to report them to pest control!

Behavior culture is a set of attitudes and accepted behavior in a social group. It builds over time, action by action, like brick by brick.

Kids Said…

Some people think graphic novels are short and easy books with no substance. That is not true… graphic novels are so much more. The pictures and panels help viewers imagine and visualize the middle school world Svetlana Chmakova builds.– Chloe, Grade 6

This book is relatable to many kids, going through losing friends, fighting against bullies, and making new friends too.– Liam, Grade 6

In life, sometimes you have to overcome obstacles. Jensen, the protagonist in the book Brave went through many obstacles, including math, friends, bullies, and just being a middle school-er!– Isabel, Grade 6



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