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Peter Reynolds’ Say Something!

Children of all colors, sizes and abilities stand together to Say Something! perfectly summing up this book. Every now and then it might be okay to judge a book by its cover.

Students couldn’t help but think of things to say.

Teachers can use this timely book to help build a culture of shared responsibility and activism. Say Something! encourages individuals’ expression while simultaneously building a sense of collaboration to make the world a better place.

Teachers can share this book along with articles about young activists to help older students see themselves in people like: Mari Copeny from Flint Michigan; Sweden’s Greta Thunberg; Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai and countless others who passionately stand up for a cause.

One single person… you, can make a world of difference if you only Say Something!

Say something with your words, your actions or your heart.

Thank you, Peter H. Reynolds, for yet another beautifully written and illustrated book which will help our children become better citizens of the world. We need this book now more than ever.

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