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Dasher by Matt Tavares

Maine author and illustrator Matt Tavares is a favorite among teachers and students here in Waterville, Maine. His latest book Dasher was our December read for our, What’s New in Children’s Literature book group.

Teacher’s Thoughts…

  • After years of knowing Christmas reindeer stories, it never occurred to me that some of the antlered reindeer might be female! A welcome, informational twist uncovered by careful research of Matt Tavares.- Kindergarten Teacher
  • This story goes far beyond that of being another holiday tale. The main character, Dasher, proves that it sometimes takes courage, compassion, and hope to make wishes come true. – First Grade Interventionist
  • Matt’s illustrations in Dasher are engaging and beautifully done. – Grade 3 Teacher
  • After recently seeing a trailer for the new movie, Harriet, based on the life of Harriet Tubman, I was struck by some of the similarities between Dasher and Harriet Tubman. As females, they seemed to break through traditional gender-based roles. Both were brave to escape from punitive situations. Both followed the North Star to find their own freedom. Risking personal safety, they both returned to bring family members to better circumstances in the far North. -Kindergarten Teacher

Students Said…

  • I think the book is good. I think Matt Tavares should write another one with Rudolph joining. – Grade 3 Student
  • I love the whole story, but mostly the part when Dasher got her dream.- Grade 1 Student
  • I like Dasher and I think she was kind to help Santa make kids happy. She was very brave.- Grade 1 Student
  • It was awesome because it was Christmas Eve and we can ask Santa for toys like in The Polar Express.- Kindergarten Student
I like Dasher and I think she was kind to help Santa make kids happy.

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