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“An ode to loving who you, exactly as you are.”

 I Am Perfectly Designed by Karamo Brown (Author), Jason “Rachel” Brown (Author), Anoosha Syed (Illustrator) is a beautifully illustrated book that highlights the love between a father and a son. When Karamo Brown, from Netflix Queer Eye, discovered that he had a ten-year-old son he adopted him. The love between the two is the focal point of this book.

The Father and son co-authors relive memories in a question and answer style that reads like a song. The son questions his father’s love for him. In turn, the father reassures the son that he is perfectly designed. This book is perfect for reinforcing that we are perfect in our own ways. If you look closely at the illustrations there are messages of inclusion, welcoming, and kindness embedded throughout. 

If you want a book that will remind your students or your own children that they are wonderfully and perfectly designed while seeing positive and diverse images this is the book for you.

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