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Wordy Birdy by Tammi Sauer & Dave Mottram

The data says it all: 17 votes to 3. Wordy Birdy is a garrulous, gabby, gleeful bird. She attends to everything, and in so doing, neglects to give her undivided attention to anything. On a typical Wordy Birdy day, she’s out and about and distracted by the world. Her friends try everything they can to alert her to impending danger, but she doesn’t heed any of the warnings. When Wordy Birdy finally decides to listen, it’s almost too late. Here’s what Kindergartners had to say about Wordy Birdy

“Wordy Birdy is like my parents. They just talk and talk and talk.”

“I do that sometimes. Sometimes I talk a lot and I get in trouble”

“Well, sometimes people just have to say stuff cause it just comes out and you can’t really stop it. Well, maybe you could stop it.”

“This is a good book because it teaches you that listening is important. You have to listen and pay attention or you might get hurt.”

When you have a moment, take a look at Wordy Birdy. It’s a great conversation starter, a light-hearted way to reinforce classroom rules and expectations, and the perfect text to use during shared reading, small groups, or interactive read alouds. Happy Reading!

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