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Sun by Alison Oliver

In our students’ busy, over-scheduled lives it is critical that we remind them how to relax, to take time to slow down and live in the moment. Sun by Alison Oliver is a great book to help spread that message. It is about taking time away from our routines and letting life take us down new roads to find what we are truly interested in. In Sun’s case he takes time away from the sports game he loves, soccer, to rediscover his creativity. In the process he makes a new friend and reconnects with his brother. Sun gives readers a chance to move away from gender stereotypes toward a more joyfully balanced life.

I read this book with students just before the holiday break to encourage them to take time to try new things and be creative during their time off. Students appreciated the message. We had an interesting discussion as they shared something they always wanted to try, make or create. Oliver has illustrated many books and the illustrations in Sun are bold and radiant.

Teacher says: 

Use Sun to open a conversation with your students about living a healthy, balanced life and addressing gender stereotypes.

Students say:

There are a lot of fun things to do and try. Don’t just do one thing, follow your dreams. 

I like the illustrations, the colors are bright but they make you feel calm.

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