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Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story

This laugh-out-loud fractured fairy tale will appeal to the young and the young at heart!

Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story by Edward Hemingway had kids and teachers laughing out loud! Younger ones loved making connections to the classic Gingerbread Man and older students and teachers enjoyed each and every play on words, rolling their eyes and laughing,

“Ha! Ha! Get it?”

Predictions were flying with students anticipating every turn in the story yet, somehow, the story seldom seemed to take the anticipated turn! Students soon figured out that they needed to expect the unexpected.

Sugar Cookie Man, like so many of us, has a bit of an identity crisis when he realizes that he’s not exactly what he thought he was. He, like us, needs a good friend to help him along his way to self discovery.

This book hits just the right notes with a little something for everyone, young and old alike. Readers might sit back and enjoy the storyline of Sugar Cookie Man and his friend, Fox; or delve deeper to reflect on the themes of friendship, perseverance and self-acceptance; or laugh along at the one-liners smartly woven in for the older readers to enjoy.

Make your own gluten free cookies or ornament for your tree.

The “icing on the cake” would be the directions at the end of the book to make your very own Sugar Cookie Man in your choice of gluten free cookie and ornament recipe.


Learn from Fox, don’t eat the ornament Sugar Cookie Man!

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