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A Bike Like Sergio’s

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Students Said:

I like when he finds $100!

It was hard for him to give the money back to the owner.  He felt mixed up about giving the money back!

IMG_20200104_1817551.jpgI think the lesson to learn  is if you find money or something, it’s not yours, you  should try to give it back.

Teacher Thoughts:

  • A great mentor text for personal narrative.  Rueben desperately wants a bike just like Sergio’s.  What child hasn’t begged their parents for something they wanted?
  • A great mentor text for having a discussion around ethical dilemmas.  Every student will feel empathy for Rueben and his struggle to do the right thing. Readers know this “found” money could buy Rueben the bike of his dreams, but also know how tight money is for his family.
  • A great mentor text for crafting leads.  Readers will connect with Maribeth Boelts’ introduction “Every kid has a bike but me.” Students will immediately acknowledge they have felt the same about something at some time in their life.
  • A great mentor text for a unit of study around character. Rueben’s thoughts, feelings, and actions will allow readers to understand his behavior, motivation(s), and relationships with others


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