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I Love Being Me , Uniquely Me

By Karlene J. Froling Illustrated by Kastuv Brahmachari

This book was a great tool to teach my preschoolers about self love. For the past months we talked about helping and loving each other , it was time to talk about loving oneself.

The particularity of the book is the fact that it represent children with different ethnic background and physical ability so every children in my classroom was able to identify with a character.

Following the reading, we got into the game of asking the children what they like about themselves and we got some fabulous answers:

I love being me because my hair is long And I am good at soccer – Aleta 4

I love being me because I am good with Legos and I like to share with my friends- Henry 5

I love being me because I am a great spaceship constructor -Myles age 5

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