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The Sad Little Fact

Being a fact is not always easy.

“A Fact is a Fact” is a simple statement and yet, it can also be bold and intimidating.

Among the best things about reading with first graders are their inquisitive nature and honesty. Both were on full display during this reading of The Sad Little Fact by Jonah Winter.

Why are they so mean?

Why are they afraid of the little fact?

Why do they want to tell lies?

Predictions were made and revised as to why this fact might be so sad. General consensus in the end was that the fact couldn’t be happy until he could say the truth without people telling him it wasn’t true or telling him he had to lie.

Big ideas from little first graders.

Some first grade students even connected this book to the news and the politics of the day. I was especially impressed when one of them said:

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