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Hey, Wall: A Story of Art and Community

I’ve got my pencil, 

I’ve got my paints,

I’ve got my dreams. 

I am a writer, a creator,

A game changer,

A wall changer.

In their book, Hey, Wall: A Story of Art and Community, author, Susan Verde and illustrator, John Parra create a story that shows the power of art, and the power of children to create change. A young boy describes a wall in his neighborhood as “cold, old, empty” where nobody wants to be. Working together with family, friends and neighbors, the author leads the challenge to fill the wall with “colors, creations and energy,” therefore transforming the street.

There is so much to explore and think about in this engaging picture book. In “A Note from the Author” Susan Verde describes her fascination with street art, similar to the mural depicted in this book. You may want to check out Lola the Illustrator with your students. She is an eight year old girl “who is making her mark in the street art world through her murals.” This can be used as another powerful example of children creating change through art.

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