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“Yasmin…she be like me!”

My kindergarteners fell in love with Yasmin, the star of an early readers series written by Saasia Faruqi, the moment we started reading. She’s a friend, a reader, a writer, a superhero, an artist…and so much more. She’s just like my kids. Yasmin is a typical kid who does typical things and she happens to be Muslim and speak two languages. My students are typical kids who do typical things and many happen to be Muslim and most happen to speak two (or more) languages.

Yasmin is a mirror for them when they live in a world where mirrors are sparse. Yasmin is a window for others to see in and understand their peer’s experiences. (Based on the thinking of Emily Styles and Rudine Sims Bishop.)

Yasmin allows for connections. She opens the door for conversation. She makes us laugh. She makes us think. Yasmin has become one of us and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Yasmin teaches us that a true hero is someone who chooses to be kind and helpful. Yasmin is one of our heroes.

“We will be heroes too”

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