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Finding Books in Unusual Places

It’s early in the morning and it is twenty degrees in Yellowstone National Park.  So what is the problem?  I am living in a tiny trailer, and I am freezing.  All I want is a cup of hot tea and a yummy muffin.  We exit the park, and just a few miles away is this cozy place.  

Not only did they serve tea with steamed milk, but their shelves were also full of books too. Whoever curated this collection put so much love and attention into it.  There were books for readers of every age – some fiction, others nonfiction, but every title was about animals that live in the surrounding area.

NOPE! A Tale of First Flight by Drew Sheneman caught my attention. This wordless book made me laugh out loud when the mama bird uses tough love to teach her baby to fly.  As a mom and a teacher, I could relate to this mama bird.  I can’t wait to hear what kids have to say. I bet a few of them will have experienced a bit of “tough love” too.

When I saw Mama Dug a Little Den by Jennifer Ward and Steve Jenkins, I couldn’t leave it on the shelf.  I thought I owned everything Steve Jenkins created, but not this one. 

On each two-page spread, a fictional piece begins “Mama dug a little den” written in a rhyming pattern.  Then at the opposite corner there is an informational paragraph giving readers some interesting facts.  I didn’t know that mother foxes create a maternity den that father foxes never enter.   I love the way the fact boxes are short enough to make this an engaging read-aloud.

A big thanks to Pilot’s Perk in Cooke City, Montana, for making my day with beautiful picture books and a hot cup of tea. 

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  1. It sounds like heaven to find the perfect cozy spot on a cold morning in the fall. I read this post from my tiny trailer, where it is in the 50’s. That sounds toasty compared to the 20’s. Here’s hoping you write many more posts from your Yellowstone adventures.

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