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A Perfect Day by Sarah Brannen


It’s my first day of school today, and I definitely have the first day jitters. You know what I’m talking about… sleepless nights, the nightmares about students coming to school and being completely unprepared and of course the hope that I’m going to form a fabulous connection with each of my students.

One of the ways I form connections with students is by sharing books I love. I have a new favorite called A Perfect Day by Sarah Brannen. Perfectionism is a defect that has plagued me most of my life. Through meditation I’m learning to let go of the completely unrealistic, delusional expectation that I and the people around me will be perfect. The phrase “perfect human” is an oxymoron. As humans, we’re incapable of being perfect.

When I can let go of perfectionism, I am a much happier person. In A Perfect Day, that’s what Crab learns to do with Seagull’s help.

In addition to letting go of perfectionism, A Perfect Day is about teamwork. Sarah has created an opportunity for classrooms to work together to name the three snails in her book. When your class has decided on the three best names for the snails, enter your answer on Sarah’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts about the contest. The winner will be the happy owner of this original watercolor.

Imagine this watercolor brightening your classroom wall!

Good luck, team!

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