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Acoustic Rooster’s Barnyard Boogie Starring Indigo Blume by Kwame Alexander

When the kids came home from their day of hybrid learning with boom sticks and recorders, I knew the perfect book to get us in the musical mood. Acoustic Rooster’s Barnyard Boogie Starring Indigo Blume written by one of my favorite authors, Kwame Alexander and illustrated by Tim Bowers, was the perfect fit. Based on the Kennedy Center Musical, Indigo is about to shine in her Community Festival. Despite a case of stagefright, her dad assures Indigo that she can “Be brave. Be a star. Believe.”

As she drifts to sleep, Indigo encounters the Barnyard Band. Together Indigo and the Band survive a storm and host a barnyard boogie to save the farm. Rocking performances by characters like Miss Dairy Parton and Chickee Minaj made my own kids laugh out loud. In her dreams, Indigo discovers she can be a star and how to conquer stage fright.

With a little encouragement from Acoustic Rooster, Indigo reminds us all that we can be brave, courageous, and overcome our fears. In a world that sometimes seems dark, this is the perfect story to shine some light.

Teachers will…

  • love the message of perseverance and self confidence
  • delight in sharing a book that encourages caring for your community
  • enjoy using this book in music class to grow the band & get kids excited for playing their instruments

Students will…

  • laugh at the funny rhymes & rocking characters
  • identify with the nervousness Indigo feels about performing
  • rejoice when Indigo finally takes the stage

Check out the performance of Barnyard Boogie by Randy Preston and company here: Be warned, the tune is catchy and will stick with you all day!

After reading this book, our family decided to embrace our inner Indigo and the Acoustic Rooster Band by singing, dancing, and posting this daily reminder to:

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