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A Surprise at Cannon Beach

There before us was Haystack – the famous Cannon Beach rock that juts hundreds of feet from the surf.  It was so beautiful, but my attention was not on this giant rock.  It was on the lawns just past the dunes.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a snow-white bunny nibbling on some grass.  I kept staring, almost expecting this little rabbit to be in a blue jacket like Peter Rabbit, but no luck.

As I watched the hillside, a black rabbit with one white foot appeared on the grass.  Now you see why the beach behind me was of little interest.  I cut across the dunes and up onto the lawns of these condominiums.  Yes, I was technically trespassing, but I couldn’t help myself.  Out of the bushes came two tan rabbits with dark brown ears.  These rabbits were larger than the wild rabbits in New England, and their fur looked silky smooth.

I had to find out more.  A quick Google search, and I learned that someone let a pet rabbit out into the wild many years ago, and now there are domesticated wild rabbits throughout Cannon Beach.  To say I was a bit obsessed is an understatement.

The next morning, I woke up at 6:00 AM, grabbed my camera, and headed out the door. As I stepped outside the trailer, a peach-colored bunny darted across the grass.  Then a gray rabbit followed.  Right outside the trailer park office was a little polka dot guy.

As I watched, a local woman called from her porch, “Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch.  Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch.  Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch.” Four bunnies darted across the lawn and right up to her. She bent down and handed each rabbit a baby carrot. I spoke to the woman from a distance, and she quickly informed me that the town fines $1,500.00 for feeding any wildlife. Then she threw a baby carrot to me so I could feed a bunny too.

She told me about these “controversial” bunnies and how some communities “relocate” these creatures.  She also explained where to see more.

I spent the day walking through seaside neighborhoods, chatting with my husband, eagerly in search of these rabbits. We found them in front yards, on street corners, in alleyways, and even on hotel lawns. As evening approached, I looked at my phone. We had walked 34,523 steps.

As I head home next week, I want to remember these sweet bunnies and find moments in all the “busyness” to appreciate the magic in nature.  I probably won’t walk 34,523 steps to find it but I can make time to enjoy the wildlife around me.  

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9 thoughts on “A Surprise at Cannon Beach”

  1. I did not expect this at all. So many bunnies! No surprise you got curious and were ready to get up early and spend time around the area.

  2. This was wonderful! Such a surprising day. I love the way you notice and write about this beautiful experience, especially the noise the local woman made and her attitude about feeding the bunnies!

  3. Your bunny pics are delightful. I’ve been to Cannon Beach, but did not see the bunnies. Granted, it was about 15 years ago. Maybe this spring we’ll go again. We had wonderful fun viewing creatures at low tide and seeing twin deer with their mother on the beach. It’s a magical place! Thanks for sharing your magic with us.

  4. Absolutely enchanting post! I appreciate how your mind went right to looking for a blue jacket per Peter Rabbit. When my youngest was born, his nursery was decorated with Peter Rabbit and just prior to sitting down here to read posts, I’d been in the attic and pulled out a big old ceramic white rabbit to go in the now-spare room! [cue magical sound and glitter..] The photos are amazing and I adore the neighbor who warned you that you could be fined for feeding the bunnies and then threw you the carrot. Gotta love her.

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