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Love for Lola

The Lola series by Anna McQuinn is a yearly favorite in my kindergarten classroom. Lola goes on typical five year old adventures and lives a happy little life. Lola loves her little brother and she loves stories. The family models a literacy rich, reading culture. Lola’s little brother Leo has his own book series and he does all the baby things. The texts are simple and are something the children remember and can retell on their own.

While not written by an own voice author, the series DOES represent a Black family doing everyday things. It is so important to prioritize own voice authors and make sure they are a prominent part of your library. However it is also critical to make sure your children are represented in your library and this series allows me to do so.

Lola Goes to School came out last year and was the perfect addition to our back to school library. Lola goes through the process of getting ready for and going to kindergarten for the first time. The kids like to compare their own kindergarten experience with Lola’s experience. We LOVE Lola books and hope you do too!

2 thoughts on “Love for Lola”

  1. Thank you Becca for this lovely review – I’m delighted to read that you like Lola. As you say, it is vital for children to see Black children in stories – and for me it is important for the characters to be doing everyday things. Thanks again, Anna

  2. You are wise to include books that allow all kids to see all kids doing ordinary things. I’m not familiar with this series, but can’t wait to read about Lola’s kindergarten experience. I’m sure I’ll love it. 😉
    Shine on,

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