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All Because You Matter

All Because You Matter by Tami Charles is a dream come true. Literally and figuratively. In the video below you’ll get to hear from the author Tami Charles how this book came to her in a dream and how she knew the only person that could capture her dreams and put it into visuals was Bryant Collier. This beautiful book is a letter to not only Tami’s son but also to all Black boys to remind them of all the ways that they matter.

One of Tami’s wishes with the creation of this book was that families will have the important conversation about race at home. This critical times call for unity and allyship as we remind children all the wonderful ways they can be in this world and the ways we can support one another.

The one and only Bryant Collier brings the celebration of art into this book as he is masterful at capturing the most amazing facial expressions. This book is a celebration of identity, greatness and humanity. It belongs in every classroom to be loved and read over and over.

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