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Jabari Tries by Gaia Cornwall

Readers join Jabari as he challenges himself with another quest — to make a flying machine that will fly across his yard! His independent ingenuity leads to failed attempt after failed attempt, despite marvelous creativity and concentration. Reflecting on the process followed by famous inventors like Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson and Roy Allela, Jabari leans into thorough planning and problem solving, and yet he is still not successful with his project. With his father’s encouragement, a frustrated Jabari reluctantly accepts his younger sister’s help and they partner to engineer their flying machine. Finally, through perseverance and flexibility…..

……success! Jabari Tries is an engaging read to pair with Jabari Jumps for character study and/or theme.

Be sure not to miss the tender dedication:

For all the Jabaris, young and old, in name in spirit — some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to connect with personally. And for my cousins, who will be practically grown by the time they read this; first there was Dantae and then, quickly after, Aedan.

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