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Until Every Barrier Falls by LeDerick Horne

I choose to use this platform today to elevate the profile of a different type of author. LeDerick Horne is a spoken word poet. His most recent poem, “Until Every Barrier Falls,” connects principles like equality, independence, and freedom to the disability rights movement. He describes himself in the poem as, “I am a lover of words left heart broken by every spelling test.” In addition to being an author, LeDerick Horne has a learning disability that he transformed into a career as a disability rights advocate and motivational speaker. 

Sharing his work with students promotes:

  • The many ways to tell a story and be an author. We celebrate books on this blog, but I think we would all agree that what excites us about each book highlighted is the story, not the print itself.
  • Role models of people with disabilities and creates a sense of pride for anyone who might share this identity. 
  • There are many paths that lead to success… and when we work for inclusion and equity we can “build a future in service of the multitude.”

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