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Peekaboo Morning by Rachel Isadora

The younger group of students decided of the book to showcase this month,they chose Peekaboo morning. It’s the new favorite in our classroom.

The illustrations are vibrants, the text is short so the children do not lose their focus. Peekaboo Morning offered us a great opportunity to talk about diversity.

At the end of reading time, all my students decided to create a new game by mixing peekaboo and I spy game. I was delighted to see their imagination at work .

We had a great discussion about morning routines by asking questions such as peekaboo who do you see in the morning? Or peekaboo what do you have for breakfast? It’s a wonderful way to discover what happens before school.
We talked about the fact that families can be different : some children see a mommy, a daddy , others have see two mommies or two daddies in the morning.
I gave the children opportunity to go look at themselves in the mirror and tell us what they see. It was a fun activity.
The children loved to talk about their pets at home.
It’s a fantastic book with some amazing illustrations.

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