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Grandpa Grumps

Fans of Minh Le and Dan Santat’s Drawn Together will love Katrina Moore’s Grandpa Grumps. Daisy’s grandpa, Yeh-Yeh, visits her from China for the first time. Every day of the week, Daisy tries to connect with Yeh-Yeh in a different way but he’ so grumpy that nothing she does seems to work-or so she thinks. But by the end of his visit, they share a delicious meal of fried rice.

With some holidays coming up, many children will see extended family members virtually or in person. This book shows that with perseverance and creativity, it’s possible to connect with loved ones even when family members have to overcome language barriers.

For teachers looking for a reading lesson, readers could compare and contrast Drawn Together and Grandpa Grumps.

For teachers looking for a writing lesson, writers could write a narrative where the character tries to solve the problem a different way each day of the week.

In addition to writing, Katrina Moore is a second grade teacher. Find out how she incorporates quick writes into her student’s morning work to increase their writing output and spark their creativity in this podcast.


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