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Books for Birthdays!

How do you build a reading life and celebrate a birthday during a pandemic? The answer is easier than you think – celebrate with books! Today my youngest turns 6 and the traditional birthday party has long since been thrown out the window, so we needed a creative way to celebrate. Enter books. This year we decided to celebrate by rereading some of our favorites and adding in some new titles as well.

Nana Akua Goes to School by Tricia Elam Walker is currently at the top of the favorite’s list. Earlier in this blog, we learned that Nana goes to school and teaches an important lesson. This book made us think…how could we help bring a birthday celebration to school? We decided that this year teachers need support more than ever, so we are volunteering to read a book over zoom. Another idea is to gift a copy of your favorite book to the classroom.

Josh Funk’s latest It’s Not Little Red Riding Hood, is another fantastic way to celebrate and grow readers. The silly antics and different perspectives of the characters mean that all students can laugh out loud which we all need when we celebrate. But the newest addition to the Pig the Pug series by author Aaron Blabey, Pig the Slob is the silliest.

Like many of us, Pig has lost his motivation. What better way to find it than to celebrate a birthday? Pick up a book and put aside the swiping. Reading together is the perfect way to party during a pandemic.

These “birthday books” help us grow closer and celebrate not just being born, but being a reader. So, now it’s your turn, how can you celebrate all of your favorite books, new and old, on your birthday or any other day? Happy reading!

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