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A Read Aloud and a Furry Friend

Sophie and I are a Therapy Dog Team. In ordinary times we visit patients at the hospital bringing smiles to faces with each pet and wag.

These days the closest Sophie and I can get with our friends is a Zoom camera. Our recent visit was with Ms. Uvanni’s second grade class as we all read, Ben, The Very Best Furry Friend by Holly Raus. Ben, like Sophie, is a golden retriever and a therapy dog.

Ms. Uvanni’s class read to learn about therapy dogs and then Sophie and I got to answer questions and demonstrate some basic skills. As always, Sophie was a big hit.

She was an even bigger hit with the staff members working at school who got to pet her head and rub her belly. Then, of course, there’s the added fun of trying to remove tons of golden fur from their clothes!

Therapy dogs are a great way to help people make it through stressful times. While Covid-19 has placed more limitations on us, it didn’t stop us from spreading smiles on this Friday.

Sophie and I can’t wait for the day we can return to our in-person visits making people feel better one belly rub at a time!

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