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A Little Spot of Giving by Diane Alber

During this time of year when many are in a flurry trying to find that “just right” gift for loved ones, Diane Alber’s message of the perfect intangible gifts are much appreciated. Unlike the games, toys, clothes, and jewels being sought, these gifts have no physical presence. They can’t be touched, but the impact of their deliverance is infinitely more powerful. Lend a helping hand, truly listen to someone, be a team player, share a positive message – these are just a few of the suggestions listed in Alber’s work. “A Little Spot of Giving”, one of many in the series, is a great reminder of just how little it takes to spread kindness, and make a difference in the lives of others. This is an excellent read-aloud, a great discussion piece to use during SEL lessons, and a wonderful mentor text for list writing.

Here is what Kindergartners thought…

We give food to the food pantry so people who don’t have food can get some.

I give my toys that I don’t want anymore to my cousins cause they are younger than me.

Student 1: How can listening be a gift?

Student 2: When you listen to somebody you want them to listen to you. That is like respecting somebody and that is nice.

Student 3: Cause if you don’t listen you don’t hear people and you don’t learn what they are saying.

Student 2: When you listen to somebody they like it and they are happy that you listen to them.

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