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Day 17: When GoNoodle Became a Mentor Text

I have a love hate relationship with GoNoodle. Yes, it gets the kids’ moving while they are required to stay near their seats, but I don’t love that the kids are following rather than creating.  So, I’ve been playing with how to make movement breaks more child-centered and bring a little laughter into the room.

As I watched the GoNoodle videos for what felt like the hundredth time, I thought, “what would happen if I made GoNoodle a mentor text for kids?”  Then I sent this simple invitation out on SeeSaw.

The next morning, I opened SeeSaw and got zero responses. But two days later, one brave student created a video. I didn’t say anything to the kids, but instead of GoNoodle, I played this child’s video. Oh, the smiles hiding under those masks! The kids jumped out of their seats and giggled while doing jumping jacks and push-ups.  

This is exactly the spark I needed to change movement breaks. The next evening there were two more videos, and the day after that, two more.  

I have to say these videos are now a highlight of my evenings. My husband and I crack up as we watch these kids teach calisthenics and dance moves.  Often younger siblings make guest appearances and even begin teaching.

This small move has brought more laughter into the classroom too. We get to peek into each other’s homes, meet brothers and sisters, and even see our classmates’ favorite pajamas.  

This optional task on SeeSaw has launched other projects too. Several students wrote the next day’s morning messages for the whole class to read. Some kids send me notes, and I am even getting child-written songs and poems.  Thanks, GoNoodle. When you became a mentor text, laughter and creativity bloomed.  

Happy Writing!

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13 thoughts on “Day 17: When GoNoodle Became a Mentor Text”

  1. What an awesome challenge for your students! It only takes one brave soul to accept that challenge to get the ball rolling. Now look at the creativity it has produced. Well done!

  2. There should always be such joy in learning – and teaching. We are all having love-hate relationships with various bit of out digital world…the kids rise above and pull us along. Love how you thanked GoNoodle for becoming a mentor text.

  3. OH MY GOSH! This is brilliant! I’ve felt the same way! I LOVE this idea! I’m stealing it! The true sign of admiration! I can’t wait to see what they create! I have a school full of little girls. This should be FUN!

  4. Oh boy, this makes me so miss the creativity of today’s classroom and courageous teachers. I will try to figure this out and share with my teacher friends. XO

  5. I read this on the day you wrote, but didn’t leave a comment!? I love your creativity and am so happy you are chronicling your return to the classroom.

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