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How to Build a Virtual Book Room

As we lean more on digital texts during this Covid year, I’ve been working to create structures that honor the power of student choice in selecting texts. The past few weeks, I’ve been building nonfiction virtual book rooms designed to mirror in-person, pre-Covid book shopping routines when students browsed their classroom libraries to built their stack.

Here are two different rooms to support grade 3, and a combined grades 4 & 5:

Each bin is linked to a collection curated in Epic, Sora, or a specific page within Wonderopolis. Teachers can share these digital book rooms with their students or make a copy, to revise and edit them with their own curated collections, and/or images.

To support teachers who would like to start from scratch, I created a series of brief how-to videos, and hope they might also inspire you to craft your own virtual collection!

Step One: Build a Virtual Space to House Your Book Room

Step Two: Add Books to Your Shelves

Step 3: Check to make sure everything works… and if it doesn’t, try this workaround that still promotes choice:

You are welcome to use any of these bookrooms in whatever way works best for you and your students; they are set so that anyone with the link can view. If you’d like to make a copy to personalize/edit, you are welcome to do that as well.

Happy Book Room Building!

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