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Dare to Dream Big

by Lorna Gutierrez and Polly Noakes

Gutierrez and Noakes capture all that’s altruistic and absolute about childhood. “Dare to trust” “Dare to inspire” “Dare to see when others don’t”. Children are generally unadulterated, and able to see the good in what adults often see as a sea of darkness. Children are generally more uninhibited, and willing to “speak out when others won’t, … and reach out … when others don’t”. Gutierrez captures the unsullied nature of childhood through her words, and Noakes through her illustrations. This book was a joy to read to my younger students. They completely connected to the message of this story; follow your heart, dare to dream, and be happy with who you are. What an inspirational story! It fosters positive thinking, and self awareness. It’s the perfect text to use, especially in this time, when we’re trying to drive the message home that people have the power to change the world. This book harnesses all the good change, the change that makes a positive impact on self and those around us; the change that can impact the world. Kindergartners loved sharing stories about how the text mirrored their personal lives.

“When I go to Houghton’s Pond I find so many treasures and my brother doesn’t, but I can share with him.”

“I lend a hand to my mom. I help with the dishes and sometimes my mom lets me make pancakes with her.”

“Hey, we make shadows on the SMART Board too. I make some shadows at night cause it’s night cause my nightlight makes a shadow on the wall.”

“I don’t like silent nights so I sleep with my mom.”

”I don’t like silent nights either so I listen to some soothing songs and I go to sleep.”

”This is a good book about good things. People should be good to each other, and kids should do what they want to do even if their friends like don’t like it. You have to be the best you you can be so you can help other people.”

“I think this book has good ideas for kids. Like help somebody when they are shy and take care of the earth and try to do things even if you’re a little scared.”

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