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Danbi Leads the School Parade

“When the music started, I tried dances I’d never seen, and games I didn’t know.

You want to meet Danbi! Danbi is a little girl, new to her school, and new to the country. She’s nervous and isn’t sure what’s expected of her. But, “When the music started, she tried dances she’d never seen, and games she didn’t know.” Kindergarten readers were impressed by Danbi’s bravery as she tried new things. Many readers were also impressed by her persistence. They also sympathized with Danbi’s struggle to make friends. One kindergartener said, “She was scared and sad.”

Kindergarten readers were excited to read on and find that, “She likes to share. She shared her food!” Readers were enthralled as they watched Danbi’s classmates take more interest in Danbi and her fascinating lunch. Their interest turned to joy as Danbi led an impromptu parade around the classroom. The narrator describes, “Things got a little wild.” My kindergarten readers responded with joy, “She’s so happy now!”

Danbi Leads the School Parade by Anna Kim can provide a mirror for some students and a window for others. This a wonderfully, sweet story that helps children see what it might be like to start school in a new place that feels scary and new.

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