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Day 65: A Little Humor Goes A Long Way

It still surprises me how when problems arise, unexpected opportunities follow. I would think at my age, I’d anticipate the silver linings on the other side, but somehow they still sneak up on me.

Over these past weeks, my class needed a few tips on navigating some tricky social situations. After trying many different moves, I landed on something that made the kids laugh and seemed to help. These home-grown social stories about my two dogs got the kids thinking, talking, and even giggling. Here is one of their favorite social stories.

The kids cracked up when they saw the snow on Hop’s nose.

The open-ended prompt helped them realize that people often have very different reactions to the same situation.

The best thing was when they saw these blank slides.

They grabbed their whiteboards and wrote. One child was so excited, he brought his whiteboard marker up to the board and wrote right on the screen.

Writing comic books are now a popular morning choice and kids have a few more strategies for talking about their feelings. Who would have guessed?


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  1. I have loved watching you use Hoppy and Ranger to connect with so many learners in the last year 🙂

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