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Room on Our Rock by Jol and Kate Temple and Terri Rose Baynton

Room On Our Rock: Kate Temple, Jol Temple, Terri Rose Baynton:  9781610679022: Books

Two sides to every story, black and white, all or nothing… These beliefs capture the extremes of human nature which stop us in our tracks; for we are then, unable to see or accept the alternatives. “Room on our Rock” can be read from two perspectives. From front to back, according to my kindergartners, “the seals are so mean!” However, when the book is reread from back to front, as my resident poet will attest, “the kindness just makes you feel loved like warm chocolate all over.” The Temples capture the fact that there is grey area, there are multiple perspectives and truths associated with every event. The expressions on the seals faces as they first face exclusion and the threat of the turbulent seas, and then, as they are welcomed to a new home are unmistakable. As I shared this book with my class, their indignation, disappointment, relief and joy were palpable. This is an excellent selection to bring home the message that things aren’t always as they seem. This book is also a wonderful read-aloud as many of us are in the midst of welcoming new students into our classrooms. There’s always room on our rock for new friends. As we encounter life’s little challenges, this book is also a great resource to remind us that sometimes, we need to dig a little deeper, ask a few questions, try our best to approach a situation with an open mind in order to truly understand. Thank you Kate, Jol and Terri!

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