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Free Audiobooks!

I love to read! I love picture books, middle-grade books, YA, and “grown-up” books. I love the subtle crack a new book makes when it is opened for the first time and the new book smell that lightly wafts up and tickles my nose. I love hardcovers, particularly when there’s a surprise “BONUS cover” hiding beneath its jacket, and well-worn paperbacks whose visible signs of repeated readings promise a good story even before turning the first page. I also love audiobooks! A good narrator wraps me in the comfort of being read to, and I love how I can simultaneously savor a story as I drive, cook, knit, garden, or clean. 

Each month, like a gift, releases a number of new or upcoming releases for educators and librarians to download through their complimentary Audiobook Listening Copies (ALCs) program. I look forward to the first of each month when I get to select my new books like children lining their pockets with free candy. 

The following, fabulous titles are available in March: 

You can sign up for for the educator ALC program at this link:

Happy reading & listening!

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