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My Sister, Daisy

Based on a true story, Adria Karlsson provides a gentle introduction to gender identity with a focus on positivity and acceptance in her debut, MY SISTER, DAISY, with illustrations by Linus Curci. This is the perfect book for parents or educators looking to have a conversation around gender identity and pronouns. 

Told from the perspective of Daisy’s brother, MY SISTER, DAISY acknowledges the tough questions that may arise for children when a peer identifies differently than before, while providing heartfelt answers in a child-friendly manner.

I recently read MY SISTER, DAISY to two of my own children, ages 9 and 7 who previously had had limited conversations about gender identity. They listened intently and  interjected wonderings and questions here and there. What followed was one of the best conversations I have ever had with my children and thanks to Adria, I felt I had the right words to have it. We left the discussion having a common understanding of gender identity and a reinforced notion of acceptance. 

As a teacher and a parent I am always thankful for books, but even more, I am thankful for books that encourage and enable me to have honest and open conversations about sensitive topics. I am thankful for the authors who share their knowledge and experiences, lending me the words and perspectives I may not have on my own. It is through our trust in these authors that our children can continue to grow with empathy and acceptance to those who may be different from themselves.

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