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Mouse Seasons by Leo Lionni

Do you remember these books?

I remember so clearly reading and rereading my copies of Fish is Fish, Inch by Inch, Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse, and Frederick. As a college student, I took a class on children’s storybooks, and remember being aghast at the fact that Swimmy was placed on the banned books list because, it was thought to portray communist views. Was I too simple minded to discern the difference? Up until then, I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Lionni’s stories for their thoughtfully crafted life lessons, and illustrations. Further investigations and study, however, disabused me enough of my doubts to allow me to continue to share these stories.

As I scanned the new and future releases list for this month’s selection, I was pleasantly surprised to see Mouse Seasons by Leo Lionni. According to reviewers, this book is “the first new original work in 30 years”. Well, thank you! Mouse Seasons has arrived at the perfect time. Kindergartners began their unit study on the seasons this week. In classic Lionni style, Frederick the mouse walks a friend through the year, capturing, at each change, all that’s quintessentially seasonal. Add this treasure to your mentor texts.

A few thoughts from Kindergarten…

  1. I like the rhyming in this book.
  2. Did you notice the pattering [patterns] on the tree trunks and on the pumpkin? That’s cool right?
  3. Springtime is my favorite season. I like to run through the puddles and my mom grows flowers.
  4. Winter is my favorite season because you can go skiing and sledding and you can build snow forts.

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