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Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon by Kat Zhang

“Make them special!… Make them yours.”

Amy loves to create and is very excited to make her own drawing after her teacher reads about dragons to the class. Amy works diligently to make her drawing special as Ms. Mary has directed. Amy’s friends do not think Amy’s drawing looks like a dragon. Their comments fill her with doubt and Amy ends her day having nothing to share for show and tell. Amy’s grandma saves the day when she shares stories with Amy and her friends about dragons. Grandma’s stories remind Amy of something she has seen in her attic. Inspired, Amy and her family work together to create a special dragon that truly feels just right to Amy.

The second graders I shared this book with absolutely loved the story, the vibrant illustrations and most of all the main character, Amy. They were quick to share how Amy never gives up in the story. They loved how the illustrator shines light on Amy as she enters her attic, noting that this moment is a turning point in the story.

I was happy to share with the readers that they were in luck as Kat Zhang has written 2 additional stories about Amy – Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao (available now) and Amy Wu and the Warm Welcome (available May 3rd, 2022). The students cheered and immediately asked to add the book to their book bags!

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