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SOMETHING GOOD by Marcy Campbell and Corinna Luyken

The day the bad-something is discovered written on the bathroom wall, everything changes. Confusion, anger and worry spread through the class as rumors fly. It is not until some encouraging words from their principal and a creative assignment from their teacher, do the children rediscover their kindness and their power to create something good. 

SOMETHING GOOD provides an honest look at how negative choices impact a classroom and how teamwork and kindness can help mend and strengthen a community. It is a great text to share with students who may be beginning to get on each other’s nerves and when that class culture we have worked so hard to foster shows signs of crumbling. 

Inspired by the teamwork and camaraderie that turned the bad-something into something good, our class decided to track our own good deeds and acts of kindness as a means of watching our own “something good” grow. Students became kindness detectives, quick to identify and appreciate the good deeds being done towards them and inspired to pay the kindness forward to others within our community. 

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