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A Little Bit of Zen for Our Little Ones

Need a little Zen for you and the little ones in your life? Look no further than this adorable, helpful book: Alphabreaths: The ABS of Mindful Breathing by Christopher Willard.

Miss Erin (AKA Kindergarten teacher extraordinaire) does an amazing job of simultaneously fostering well being and academic learning. It’s truly a joy to watch year after year.

As we know, the pandemic has left its mark in so many ways, even on our little ones. Social/emotional development took a hit for many of our students and anxiety has risen. Teachers are continually working to improve the former and decrease the latter. This book has helped do just that and has been enjoyed by everyone in Miss Erin’s class.

Though it’s not a book I’d likely pickup and read straight through with a class, it’s the perfect read aloud for repeated partial readings and its “mindful breathing” pairs very well with our focus on social/emotional development.

Things Miss Erin’s class has done with the book:

  • Guess which breath for each letter.
  • Choose your favorite breath.
  • Whats your partner’s favorite breath? Try it!
  • Decide if the breath helps us feel calm, or gives us energy (examples: I’m nervous because it’s my first day of gymnastics, I can try a ___ breath. I was jumping on the furniture and my mom said calm down, etc)
  • Pick a letter, try to remember the breath, find it in the book and breathe, what breath comes before? After? 

Miss Erin says, “We’ve REALLY enjoyed the book and have used it every day for several weeks. Its great because it gives the kids many choices and it’s fun. Sometimes we just read a page or two if we don’t have a lot of time. And don’t forget about the vocabulary! This book great for developing language, especially for our English Learners. We’ve discussed some tier two words like “gratitude” and are trying to use more in the classroom.”

A little mindful breathing may be just what you and your little ones need.

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