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Another Smash Hit for Kate Messner!

With History Smashers: The Underground Railroad.

My kids and  I always love when non-fiction text reads with the excitement and page-flippability of fiction. That is part of why we can’t get enough of Messner’s History Smashers series. 

I thought that I knew the story of the Underground Railroad. That was, until I read this book. So much of what I learned as a student and what students learn today falls short of truth. Messner busts common myths and misconceptions through reader-friendly translations of primary sources. She explains the contexts behind embellishments that have grown throughout history as well as the whitewashing of historical narratives. Additionally, Messner sheds light on the true heroes of the struggle for abolition and emancipation.

History Smasher’s: The Underground Railroad will be enjoyed by both children and adults. Reading it aloud to my young children kindled important conversations throughout our celebration of Juneteenth. I hope that children of all ages will add this book to their summer reading stacks!

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  1. I love History Smashers but I haven’t read this title. I’ll add it to my summer stack. Thanks for featuring it.

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