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Beautifully Me by Nabela Noor

The second grade classes next door know I write for Teachers | Books | Readers, and they sent me a stack of letters encouraging me to write about Beautifully Me by Nabela Noor. 

Nabela Noor is a social media star – over 2 million followers on Instagram! And she uses her platforms to promote self-love and celebrate diversity. In Beautifully Me, she introduces us to Zubi, a Bangladeshi-American girl getting ready for her first day of school. Nabi H. Ali’s vibrant illustrations bring this excited young girl to life.

It was my first day of school!

But as Nubi overhears comments made by her family members and friends about needing to go on diets and being too large, she begins to question her own beauty.

“If they are not beautiful, how could I be?”

The worries build up until she can’t hold them in any longer and she explodes into tears.

“I don’t want kids to make fun of me, too!”

Nubi’s comforting Amma and Baba help Nubi come to see that she brings beauty into the world by being and loving who she is. “A beautiful person is someone who embraces who they are and helps others do the same.”

“I can make the world more beautiful?”

My second grade friends loved the message in the story and many also shared how much they loved learning phrases from the Bangla language.

“My favorite part was when they told her that you are beautiful no matter what.” – Charlotte

“If this is the story of your life, YOU are beautifully YOU. And I am beautiful as well. You be you!” – Samara

“I liked the story because it explains how you are beautiful not only how you look, but also how you act.” – Samir

Thank you to my friends in second grade who keep sending me great books, and thank you to Nabela Noor for adding a great new book to my collection!

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